Those of us who need to steer clear of gluten often spend more time talking about what we can’t eat than what we can eat. With Jones Dairy Farm products, the conversation can change. That’s because we offer a wide array of products that are certified gluten-free.

You’ll find gluten-free, all-natural pork and turkey sausage, Canadian bacon, hams, traditional bacon and braunschweiger, all readily available for purchase in grocery stores and online.

Our commitment to customers who live a gluten-free lifestyle has gone beyond providing products that are safe to eat to becoming a part of the gluten-free community. Examples include the following:

• Jones Dairy Farm received gluten-free certification for the majority of our products from the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). GFCO has a standard for testing gluten-free products that is twice as strict as the FDA proposed standard.

• We joined the effort to help promote awareness for celiac disease patients, families and health care professionals by becoming a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation. Jones was a Premier Sponsor of the Annual Education Conference & Food Faire and a Level I sponsor of Team Gluten-Free

• Jones Dairy Farm became a Benefactor Member of the Celiac Sprue Association® to assist in its efforts to help individuals with celiac disease worldwide through education, research and support.

We invite you to browse through our products for more information about our ingredients. And be sure to check out our gluten-free recipes to find simple ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers.

You can rest assured that the Jones Dairy Farm products identified as gluten-free can be served to your family with confidence.

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