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February 7, 2024

Get to Know Wholestone Farms – A Jones Partnership Rooted in Family at its Foundation

It might surprise many of our loyal customers to discover that at Jones Dairy Farm, we don’t raise our own pigs for the products you love. However, this doesn’t diminish the importance we place on the pork supply we trust for you and your family. In fact, we take immense pride in selecting suppliers who align not just with our company’s values but also meet our unique requirements and stringent quality and animal welfare standards.

Consider our signature Jones Dry Aged Bacon; crafted from fresh, never frozen center-cut pork bellies trimmed to our unique specifications —this bacon represents a commitment to excellence. The choice of center-cut signifies a leaner, meatier portion of the pork belly. The meticulous trimming process ensures superior quality, consistent cuts, and reduced bacon “shrinkage” during cooking. As you can imagine, not just any supplier meets these high standards.

This is why we’re taking the time to spotlight our partnership with Wholestone Farms, a unique company proudly owned by 235 multigenerational farm families across the Midwest. Spanning the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan and Wisconsin, Wholestone Farms operates collectively as the 2nd largest pork producer in the country, and the 5th largest pork processor. The farm families are collectively responsible for over 400,000 acres of farmland that produce feed for their pigs in the most sustainable practices. 

However, it’s not merely their scale that captivated us at Jones—it’s Wholestone Farms’ business approach that truly sets them apart and solidified our partnership. For example, their vision to bridge the gap between consumers and farmers resonated deeply with us. In fact, it’s an illustration about why Jones goes out of its way to partner with companies that share the same philosophy.  Since our company was founded by Milo Jones in 1889, our customers, as well as our employees have always been the top priority.  Jones has never cut corners to benefit the bottom line. Therefore, this collaboration with Wholestone Farms not only allows us to align with like-minded Midwestern farm families but also to share their rich values, history, and captivating family narratives.

It’s crucial for consumers to recognize that the journey of meat, dairy, and produce from farm to grocery store shelf is far from miraculous—it’s the dedication of hardworking individuals, from farmers to production line workers, that brings it to fruition. Wholestone Farms, alongside their extensive network of farms, takes immense pride in ensuring top-tier products through a holistic focus on nutrition, genetics, sustainability, and exceptional animal care.  This way of life aligns perfectly with the Jones mission to provide distinctive quality products manufactured with world-class food and workplace safety. 

Both companies embody generational family pride, that’s for sure. Ultimately, it’s about doing business the right way by taking care of its people, the community and the planet.

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