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Simple Isn’t easy

Pork. Salt. Spices. With three main ingredients, you’d think keeping sausage simple over the years would be a piece of cake, but it hasn’t been. However, while others were adding in fillers to save themselves a few dollars, we stuck to our standards.

Why? Because quality and consistency build trust, they’re what’s best, too. We wouldn’t serve our family food made any other way. And you’re a part of the family. All our products are made with real, wholesome ingredients and nothing more. Because simple may not be easy—but it is what’s right.

Clean Labels

The clean label movement has grown in popularity over the past few years, but we’ve always created products with fewer, simpler ingredients. So while others are rushing to update their products, we’re keeping things the same.

Big 9 Allergen–Free

Your wellbeing and peace of mind are incredibly important to us, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure that you can feel safe serving our products to friends and family. All of our products, except scrapple, are free of the Big 9 food allergens.

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Certified Gluten-Free

We offer an incredible variety of great-tasting Certified Gluten-Free products. Every package of sausage, Canadian bacon, ham, and braunschweiger we sell is certified by the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP), which has the highest safety standards in the industry. We manufacture in a Gluten Free facility.

Gluten-Free Living

Our commitment to the gluten-free community goes beyond our products. We proudly support organizations that improve the lives of those affected by gluten-related disorders and the corresponding dietary restrictions. Together, we can accelerate diagnosis, treatments and a cure for celiac disease.


Don’t Mess With Perfection

All-Natural Turkey Sausage

Gobble It Up

All-Natural Little Pork Sausages