In the name of great taste, we promise to never cut corners.

We use only the finest quality ingredients in every product we make—from our all-natural, Certified Gluten-Free sausages to our naturally smoked, dry aged bacon. We never compromise, so you don’t have to either.

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Breakfast Sausage

Even as we add new varieties like all-natural chicken sausage to the mix, we’ve always stayed true to our family’s 133-year-old breakfast sausage recipe. Today, all of our Certified Gluten-Free sausages are still made with absolutely no binders, fillers or MSG.

Dry Aged Bacon and Canadian Bacon

We are firm believers in the “everything’s better with bacon” mantra. For the most authentic flavor, we use a one-of-a-kind dry aging method. It takes more time, but we think you’ll agree our naturally smoked, gluten-free bacon is worth the wait. And for Canadian Bacon lovers, our hickory smoked variety is the top-seller in the U.S.

Hickory Smoked Ham

Whether you’re celebrating with friends or preparing a casual dinner for two, you can’t go wrong with Certified Gluten-Free, hickory smoked ham. To ensure the highest quality, our hams are always fresh—never frozen.

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Specialty Products

Our specialty products—including liver sausage and scrapple—are like cult classic movies. Before you give them a shot, they may seem like they’re not your style. But once you dive in? You’ll be hooked.