A message from our 6th-generation President and CEO Philip Jones regarding COVID-19:

In this time of uncertainty, know that Jones is here, focusing on the things that are certain. For us, that’s family. We’re sticking together, making sure we continue to provide the highest-quality, natural products for you to serve and enjoy with your family—today, and every day.

While we are cooking at home more these days and looking for recipe inspiration, Jones Dairy Farm is here to help. Our company's president, Philip is also a classically trained chef. While he might be busy running the day-to-day operations at Jones Dairy Farm, you’ll still find him in the kitchen. Philip is passionate about cooking for his family and wants to share a few recipes to help you make memories in the kitchen with your loved ones. 


Philip's Cast Iron Skillet Hash

Philip's Sausage Stuffing

Doing Things Naturally

We've always created clean label products—so while others are rushing to update their ingredient labels, we've kept things the same. Learn more about our history and commitment to doing what's right.

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Big 8 Allergen Free So You Can Stress Less

We’re committed to creating safe, great-tasting products made with the highest-quality ingredients. Since we never use binders or fillers, our products are free of the Big 8 food allergens, which means you can feel better serving them to your loved ones.

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