Eat clean with great-tasting, antibiotic- and sugar-free chicken sausage patties from Jones.

There's a lot to love about our all-new chicken patties. With all-natural, great-tasting ingredients—like vegetarian fed, hormone-free poultry—there's no need for additives like sugar, MSG, nitrates or artificial flavors. Certified Paleo and Gluten-Free, each serving clean-label sausage delivers 7 grams of protein and just 4 grams of fat.

Plus, it's fully cooked and easy to prepare. Find it in the frozen section.


Keep frozen. For best flavor use within 30 days. Use thawed product within 7 days.

preparation instructions
Heat chicken sausage patties on MEDIUM (50% power), using microwave-safe plate lined with paper towel, for times shown, or until heated through.

         FROZEN         THAWED 
​2 patties
  2-1/2 - 3 minutes
  ​1-1/2 - 2 minutes 
Place chicken sausage patties in preheated skillet over medium heat for times shown, or until heated through. Turn occasionally for even heating.

         FROZEN         THAWED 
2 patties
  6 - 8 minutes
  ​4-1/2 - 5-1/2 minutes