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October 27, 2023

Top 5 Tips for a Fun-Filled Halloween

Decorations, pumpkin carving, costumes, and trick-or-treating are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Halloween with my family. I have funny memories of trick-or-treating in the snow with my snow pants on underneath my princess costume (hello, Midwest Octobers!) or organizing all my candy by color, type, and name (just me?).

Raising my two littles, currently 2 and 4 years old, my own experiences have helped shape how I view the holiday and we’re starting to develop our own traditions, which makes it even more fun. Keeping a chill attitude and a low bar on expectations has helped us navigate the unruly waters at times but overall, Halloween is a really special time. 

I’d call myself an advanced beginner at this point and will share some of my best tips, or learnings, from trick-or-treating with kids.

  1. Practice trick-or-treating. Play a game at home where your kids can practice walking up to a door, knocking or ringing the doorbell, saying “trick or treat” and “thank you,” and putting the candy in their bucket. It’s fun and helps them understand what to expect.
  2. Fuel up before you go. Get some protein in their tummies to ensure they’re fueled for walking and it’ll help balance out the sugar. Kids love our Canadian bacon because it’s like ham, but better, or they can grab a sausage link for the road. Both are perfect sizes for little hands.
  3. Be prepared for the weather and have a plan for your route. We brought a wagon that the kids could easily get in and out of which allowed them to rest between houses or sit one out. It’s also a good place to keep an extra layer or blanket. Know your path so you don’t get sucked into “one more street.”  It’s easy to get swayed by trying to hit all the houses, but know you and your kids limits. More is not always more.
  4. Have a plan for candy. Clearly communicate how many pieces the kids are allowed to have during trick-or-treating, could be zero, and after trick-or-treating. In our home, we allow a few pieces after trick-or-treating but then keep the candy pretty hidden. We’ve found that they forget about the candy when it’s not in eyesight.
  5. Be safe. Coming from a company that prioritizes food and people safety, it’s top of my mind for me. Wear bright colors or reflectors, bring flashlights, walk up to the house with your kids especially if there are big steps, heavy doors, uneven surfaces. Check all candy for signs of tampering. Be mindful of allergens if that’s a concern in your households. Some houses will use teal pumpkins to signify it’s an allergen-friendly household.

From my family to yours, hope you have a fun and spooky Halloween!!


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