A smart choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Our savory turkey sausage links are packed with the same bold flavors as our original varieties. Plus, they have 10g of protein and 75% less fat than fully cooked pork sausage per serving. These Certified Gluten-Free turkey sausage links contain no binders, fillers or preservatives, making them a smart option for any meal of the day. And since we believe you deserve the best, we never use mechanically separated turkey meat.

Like all of the products in our Golden Brown® line, these ​turkey sausage links are fully cooked and can be found in the freezer section.


Keep frozen. For best flavor use within 30 days.

preparation instructions
Heat turkey sausage links on MEDIUM (50% power), using microwave-safe plate lined with white paper towel, for times shown, or until heated through.

         FROZEN         THAWED 
1 link    45 seconds   30 seconds
4 links    2 minutes    50 seconds
Place ​turkey sausage links in covered skillet with water (3 tbsp. for frozen or 2 tbsp. for thawed) over medium heat for times shown, or until heated through. Turn occasionally for even heating. 

         FROZEN         THAWED 
1 link    4 minutes    2-1/2 minutes 
4 links    4-1/2 minutes    3 minutes