You'll love these fully cooked turkey sausage patties.

We never compromise on quality or flavor. That’s why our Certified Gluten-Free turkey sausage never contain binders, fillers, preservatives or MSG. And with 6g of protein and 75% less fat than pork sausage per serving, these turkey sausage patties are a great-tasting, smart way to start your day. Now available in a convenient sandwich-sized patty, they're the ultimate addition to any breakfast sandwich..

Like all of the products in our Golden Brown® line, these turkey sausage patties are fully cooked and can be found in the freezer section.


Keep frozen. For best flavor use within 30 days.

preparation instructions
Heat turkey sausage patties on MEDIUM (50% power), using microwave-safe plate lined with white paper towel, for times shown, or until heated through. When cooking frozen turkey patties turn over halfway through cooking for even heating.

         FROZEN         THAWED 
2 patties   ​2-1/2 minutes   1-1/2 to 2 minutes

Microwaving Golden Brown Patties
*Use these simple steps to heat up any Jones Golden Brown Patty variety.
Place turkey sausage ​patties in preheated skillet over medium heat for times shown or until heated through. Turn occasionally for even heating.

         FROZEN         THAWED 
​2 patties    ​6 to 8 minutes    ​4-1/2 to 5-1/2 minutes