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January 31, 2024

Jones Dry-Aged Bacon Returns

After a brief hiatus, Jones Dairy Farm is thrilled to announce the return of its distinctively delicious Dry-Aged Center Cut Bacon to grocery stores, bringing joy to bacon enthusiasts far and wide.

In this exciting reintroduction, Jones proudly unveils a new, uniform 12-ounce package size for its bacon offerings, a great choice for all consumers. The three Jones Dry Aged Bacon options include:

Jones Dairy Farm Chairman and CEO Philip Jones, a 6th generation Jones family member, conveys the company’s commitment to bacon excellence, stating, “Jones Dry Aged Bacon is truly one-of-a-kind and our dedication to quality and flavor is evident in every slice. We’re one of the only manufacturers out there truly dry aging our bacon. It takes more time to produce, but it also sets us apart!”

The buzz surrounding the bacon’s return isn’t limited to Jones customers; industry professionals are taking notice too. Jones Cherrywood Smoked Extra Thick Bacon Slices received the “Editor’s Top Pick – 2023 Products of the Year” title from Food & Beverage magazine.

As a family-owned business with almost 120 years of bacon-making expertise, Jones Dairy Farm adheres to a meticulous process:

  • Fresh, never frozen center-cut pork bellies are trimmed to unique company specifications, ensuring a leaner, meatier portion with reduced “shrinkage” during cooking.
  • Jones Bacon is cured using a family-crafted brine blended onsite, then naturally smoked in small batches over real hickory or cherrywood chips for up to 12 hours – never with injected or sprayed-on liquid smoke.
  • The time-honored air-chilling process before the bacon is pressed or blocked sets Jones apart, avoiding the chemical/salty flavor associated with brine chilling done by most bacon brands.
  • The final touch involves a custom dry aging process, drawing out moisture for an even more intense bacon flavor.

Jones also reintroduced All Natural Naturally Cherrywood Smoked Uncured Turkey Bacon Slices, also available in a new 12-ounce package size and now fully cooked. Crafted in small batches with the same attention to detail as our traditional bacon, Jones Turkey Bacon is made from fresh never frozen turkey thigh meat, then smoked over real cherrywood chips infusing it with a subtle sweet and smoky flavor profile. Jones never uses fillers, MSG or mechanically separated meat.

Similar to Jones Sausage and Ham, every package of Jones Bacon is Certified gluten-free by the Gluten Free Food Program (GFFP), recognized as the most comprehensive and practical gluten-free certification program available today.

Whether enjoyed by the slice, added to eggs, or used to elevate a burger, the quality of Jones Dry Aged Center Cut Bacon is a taste difference you can savor. Explore the new Jones Bacon offerings here and use the Jones Product Finder to locate a store near you that sells Jones Bacon and other premium Jones products.

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