Biscuits with Green Chile Sausage Gravy

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Biscuits with Green Chile Sausage Gravy

Breakfast or Brunch Idea for Breakfast Sausage

A twist on the classic biscuits and gravy recipe, this one features a kick from canned green chiles.

Biscuits with Green Chile Sausage Gravy
20 mins
Prep Time
40 mins
Total Time
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Amount / QuantityIngredients
2 1/4 cups

All Purpose Flour (for the biscuits)

3 1/2 teaspoons

Baking Powder (for the biscuits)

1 teaspoon

Salt (for the biscuits)

1/2 cup

Butter (for the biscuits)

1 1/4 cups

Buttermilk (for the biscuits)

Melted Butter, for brushing on the biscuits (for the biscuits)

1 (16 oz.)

All Natural Pork Sausage Roll (for the gravy)

1/2 cup

All Purpose Flour (for the gravy)

1/2 teaspoon

Salt (for the gravy)

1/2 teaspoon

Pepper (for the gravy)

3 cups

Milk (for the gravy)

1 (4 oz.) can

Diced Green Chiles (for the gravy)


  1. To make biscuits:

    Preheat oven to 450°F.Grease baking sheet.

  2. In large bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. Using pastry cutter or fork, cut in butter until mixture appears crumbly. Add in buttermilk and stir just until combined.

  3. Flour work surface. Turn dough out and knead 3 or 4 times, adding enough flour so it doesn’t stick. Press dough into rectangle about 3/4-inch thick. Fold over each side to center, as if folding a letter. Repeat 2 more times.

  4. Pat dough out until it is about 1/2-inch thick.Cut into circles using floured biscuit cutter. Place biscuits on prepared baking sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until lightly browned. Remove from oven and brush with melted butter.

  5. To make gravy:

    While biscuits are baking, brown sausage in medium skillet, breaking it up as it cooks. Stir in flour, salt and pepper. Slowly pour in milk, whisking to avoid lumps.Stir in green chiles. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, until gravy is thickened.

  6. Serve the gravy over the hot biscuits.

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