A delicious meal or a hearty appetizer any time of the day.

Without added fillers, binders or breadcrumbs, these all-new chicken meatballs are Certified Gluten-Free and Certified Paleo. Made with only a handful of ingredients and distinctive quality, these meatballs deliver sensational flavor. Enjoy them with or without a sauce - we guarantee you'll love them prepared in any way!

These all-natural meatballs are fully cooked and can be found in the freezer section at select Costco locations across the country.


Keep frozen. For best flavor use within 30 days. Use thawed product within seven days.

preparation instructions
Heat meatballs on MEDIUM (​50% power), using microwave-safe plate and cover with paper towel, for times shown, or until heated through.

       FROZEN             THAWED 
6 Meatballs   2 1/4 minutes   45 seconds 
Heat meatballs in covered skillet with 2 tbsp of water over medium heat for times shown or until heated through. Turn occasionally for even heating.

         FROZEN         THAWED 
6 meatballs    9 1/2 minutes    5 1/2 minutes