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June 7, 2024

How to Cook Canadian Bacon

Jones Original Canadian Bacon is America’s top-selling choice for a reason. Naturally smoked over real hickory chips, Jones Canadian Bacon is a lean source of protein, boasting 10 grams per 3-slice serving, with only 60 calories and 97% fat-free. Made from fresh center-cut premium loins, Jones Canadian Bacon is pure meat through and through, without any fillers or trimmings found in other brands. It’s quality you can taste.

Since it’s fully cooked, the authentic flavor of Jones Canadian Bacon is delicious straight from the package, making it a great snack. However, for those who prefer it warmed, here are recommended ways to easily cook Canadian bacon.

How to Cook Canadian Bacon:

Stove Top: Preheat your pan or griddle on medium heat. Cook for one minute, turning once while cooking.

Air Fryer: Preheat the air fryer to 350°F. Air fry for 1 minute.

Please note, we do not recommend using the microwave for Jones Canadian bacon due to its unpredictable results based on various sizes, makes, and models of microwaves.

Don’t forget, Jones Canadian Bacon is a delicious addition to many recipes, from breakfast sandwiches, casseroles, and benedicts to soups, salads, pizza, burgers, and more. Enjoy the versatility and savory taste of Jones Canadian Bacon in every bite!

Jones also offers All Natural Uncured Canadian Bacon, available in two package sizes (6 oz and 24 oz). It’s cherrywood smoked, made without sugar and features pork raised without antibiotics and vegetarian fed which means it’s made without the use of added nitrates or nitrites.

Still wondering What is Canadian Bacon?   You’re covered there too.

If you have a question about Jones Dairy Farm Canadian Bacon not discussed in this article, please reach out to our customer service representatives here.

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