You can’t go wrong with all-natural breakfast sausage, smoked ham and dry aged bacon.

Jones products are versatile enough to use in your favorite breakfast recipes, dinner for two or a midnight snack. Short on time? Explore our quick-prep and make-ahead ideas. And if you need to steer clear of gluten, check out our crave-worthy gluten-free recipes.


With just five ingredients, including Jones cherrywood smoked bacon, this gluten-free recipe is the perfect balance of sweet and savory. This recipe is sure to become one of your go-to snacks or appetizers.

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Bacon Honey Morning Buns

These sweet little buns are made with croissant dough, making them an easy, yet elegant, addition to a breakfast or brunch menu. They're even good on their own, paired with coffee, tea or mimosas. They get a savory contrast with a topping of Jones bacon, making them undeniably addictive.

Cranberry and Sweet Chili Baked Ham

Simultaneously sweet and spicy, a unique glaze matched with Jones ham creates a mouthwatering masterpiece. Try the glaze on any one of our high-quality hams.


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