Make every dinner extraordinary.

Whether you’re preparing a stunning holiday ham or you have 15 minutes to whip up something for your family, Jones products will make it better. With our savory breakfast sausages, hickory smoked hams, ​dry aged bacon and Canadian Bacon, you’ll get a boost of authentic flavor without artificial ingredients. We’ve even developed loads of gluten-free recipes that everyone in your life can enjoy.


The label may say “dainty,” but the flavors in this dish are anything but. Slow cook a boneless, hickory smoked Jones ham for 6-8 hours with white beans for a hearty, savory meal.

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BLT Ranch Baked Potatoes

We believe baked potatoes don't get enough glory, and this recipe is proof. Topped with our favorite sandwich fixings—bacon, lettuce and tomato—we've also added cheddar cheese, sour cream and buttermilk ranch to the mix. 

Slow Cooker Macaroni and Cheese with Canadian Bacon

You'll set it, but you certainly won't forget it. This creamy, dreamy slow cooker mac and cheese is sure to satisfy your comfort food craving. Made with velveeta, mozzarella and naturally smoked Canadian Bacon, it's a grown-up version of our childhood favorite.


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