Bacon makes everything better.

What isn’t better with bacon? These glorious bacon recipes go to show that this subtly smoky and sweet treat is perfect on its own or in your favorite dish. And if Canadian Bacon is more your style, these Canadian Bacon recipes show it’s great for more than just topping pizzas.

Can’t eat gluten? No problem—we’ve developed plenty of gluten-free recipes we know you’ll love.


Learn how to add our cherrywood smoked bacon to your campfire traditions.

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Bacon Honey Morning Buns

These sweet little buns are made with croissant dough, making them an easy, yet elegant, addition to a breakfast or brunch menu. They're even good on their own, paired with coffee, tea or mimosas. They get a savory contrast with a topping of Jones bacon, making them undeniably addictive.

Garlic and Lemon Green Beans with Canadian Bacon

Be sure to use fresh green beans in this recipe. It transforms what could be a humble side dish into zesty family favorite. It's easy enough for everyday, yet impressive enough for entertaining.


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